Monthly Archives: April 2013

Want To Hear About My Colonic? part 1

if you want to make friends uncomfortable, ask if they have ever had a colonic. After getting fitter, eating better, and doing all kinds of treatments for my skin, I read something in Kimberly Snyder’s Detox book about gravity colonics. it was something I had considered, but didn’t want an intrusive method. And gravity colonic […]

Men , women, sports, and gay athletes

Gays in sports? Wow!! I have been listening to news coverage and commentary regarding Jason Collins, the NBA basketball player, coming out that he is gay. What is surprising to me, though it shouldn’t be, is the different reactions from men and women. I don’t know one women who would be at all concerned nor […]

Colonic, anyone?

Ever had a colonic?  That was my mantra the other day for all my friends.  It was my opening gambit to see how into health they were and how much they were in tune with their bodies. Since turning 50, I have gotten reconnected with my self- my flesh, my bones, my organs, my soul […]

What’s your style after 48?

I was turning 50 and had dropped 44 pounds. I needed new clothes, but I never really had a “style” fashion wise. Not that I didn’t try. After reading books on French Style, Fashion over Fifty, How to Reinvent Yourself to the World, and whatever other blogs I could get a hold of, I took […]

Great day at Ocean Beach in San Francisco