Colonic, anyone?

Ever had a colonic?  That was my mantra the other day for all my friends.  It was my opening gambit to see how into health they were and how much they were in tune with their bodies.

Since turning 50, I have gotten reconnected with my self- my flesh, my bones, my organs, my soul and am doing all I can to repair the damage I did basically through neglect.  In doing so, I have become quite the beacon, er annoyance, when it comes to health, working out, and now, colonics. 

 This blog is going to be a way of sharing all sorts of topics and links to stories, books, workouts, and whatever else affects women, and more specifically women over 48.  Why 48, well, it’s a pretty number, and it gives many a head start before the bog FIVE-OH, and for those over 50, its not so far away we don’t remember and it gives a goal of saying, hey, I want to feel better now then I did at 48!!!


See you in cyberworld!!


Ps- more on the colonic soon!!