Men , women, sports, and gay athletes

Gays in sports? Wow!! I have been listening to news coverage and commentary regarding Jason Collins, the NBA basketball player, coming out that he is gay. What is surprising to me, though it shouldn’t be, is the different reactions from men and women. I don’t know one women who would be at all concerned nor much care about lesbians in the locker room, in the pool, on the field, socializing after a game, or any aspect of being part of a team. Some men, too many in fact, seem to have real problems with even the IDEA of gay men in the showers, in the huddle, slapping them on the bottom, stating they shouldn’t be there.

I was thinking about what it is about men that makes them so hyper sensitive. Is it because straight men think all men are always on the prowl, always looking for sex? Do they just see people as sexual beings, and don’t look beyond that at the person? Do they think they themselves are sooooo attractive, that every gay men is going to hit on them? Do they have such little respect for the male species for self control, they just can’t feel “vulnerable” in their own minds? Are they afraid a hug after a win, a towel snap on the behind, and other physical contact will lead a gay player on? Is that how they see every contact with women? Would seem so.

When men blame women for rapes because of what they wore or said, or they insist women be covered from head to foot because men don’t have enough self control to not attack them, its easy to see how some men will take that same mentality and thought patterns and project that on to gay men. We see that in the don’t ask don’t tell policy. As if all men just want to jump anyone anytime. And that men are so hot, gay men won’t have the control to be decent, respectful, monogamous, or honorable. Sorry to tell you, gay men have standards, and want other gay men. They don’t want to get rejected anymore then straight men do. And seems they have a lot of self control.

Some men’s reactions have been awesome, a who cares attitude, and a wish it was always about the game. But some men, well, they need to grow up and not think they are God gift to the world, and some men just won’t be able to handle being around them.

Other comments were they why is this anyone’s business, and why did he even need to come out. Collins bravely came out because someone had to. While straight sports figures can bring girlfriends, wives, even hookers, and lovers to events, gay players have had to keep their personal lives hidden. You go Jason, and I hope soon you will have more daring men stepping up and out.