Want To Hear About My Colonic? part 1

if you want to make friends uncomfortable, ask if they have ever had a colonic. After getting fitter, eating better, and doing all kinds of treatments for my skin, I read something in Kimberly Snyder’s Detox book about gravity colonics. it was something I had considered, but didn’t want an intrusive method. And gravity colonic (a very natural method you control and is very effective) I found a small place called TMI Colonics, here in San Francisco. (Check out the site for the particulars about the cleansing system).

So back to my oversharing with my friends. When I told one friend I had a colonic, she was oddly against them. She said she had heard from Dr. Dean (Edell) that they were useless and our bodies are very efficient down there and designed to keep the plumbing working well. Um, perhaps the body was created to work perfectly, but it rarely does, especially if we don’t take care of it. When you think about all the garbage we put in, the processed foods, the un-natural ingredients, the toxins in the environment, the sedentary lifestyle so many lead, can we expect our body to “take care of business” as it supposed to? There are many ways we can get our bowels to work better, drink more water, ingest more fiber, eat less crap, so to speak.

But why not give oneself a fresh start, a washing as it were from the inside. Getting rid of an accumulation of decades of buildup. People take pills because their arteries are clogged, even resort to surgery. People take insulin because their bodies don’t handle sugar right. People get their teeth cleaned, thought the brush and floss. And then you have facials, and skin treatments, and waxing, and sunscreen. We do all sorts of things to protect our bodies, so why not start with one of the very basic.

My friend had breast cancer, so she was putting all sorts of nasty chemicals into her system to cure herself. Yet, she poopoos the ideas of cleansing one of the most under-rated but important systems in our bodies.

My story is anecdotal, but the benefits I got from my first colonic have been amazing. As I watched the “stuff” coming out, I was shocked. I have good bowel movements, consistent, and from my research, good for someone my age. I wish I had been able to measure how much came out, as I just couldn’t imagine all that was STILL inside me, even after I had “gone” twice that day already.

What was even more amazing was how good I felt and still feel. I was napping and now don’t feel the need. I feel more energetic, lighter, my stomach is flatter, and I lost that four pounds that just wouldn’t go away. And kept it off, months later. It seems my body is using the fuel I put in better, like I’m getting more mileage. And I am eating better, because I don’t want to gunk up the works again. My daughter had a colonic and her acne cleared up. Again, anecdotal, but if it works, well…if your body is better able to process what we put in and holds less and our insides are newly cleaned, then it can only help. We clean our pores, we clean our ears if we have was, we take showers, we drink water so our urine is clearer, there is no reason to not hose out the part of our body that allows the rest to work to their potential.
(part 2- what the actual treatment is like)