Monthly Archives: May 2013

7 Minute Exercise Routine

Another exciting racoon encounter!!

Anyone interested in a good urban tracking dog- keegan can find any squirrel, cat, skunk, raccoon, police horse, goose, gopher, coyote in a city setting. And he is fast and determined, as the fresh cut on my leg will prove So anyone, anyone? Really? No takers? Sigh, guess I need to get better at tracking […]

Wanta Hear About My Colonic? Part 2

Want To Hear About My Colonic? Part 2  I was talking to a friend who was totally grossed out by the idea of having a colonic.  I asked her if she used a toilet, if she pooped daily, if she wiped her bottom.  Hmmm, she pondered, maybe I should think about it.  Yes!!! Another person […]

49ers Shoes for Superbowl

Took an old pair heels and painted these for Super Bowl Sunday!! They better win next time