Wanta Hear About My Colonic? Part 2

Want To Hear About My Colonic? Part 2

 I was talking to a friend who was totally grossed out by the idea of having a colonic.  I asked her if she used a toilet, if she pooped daily, if she wiped her bottom.  Hmmm, she pondered, maybe I should think about it.  Yes!!! Another person who realizes their bodies are machines and just do their jobs best they can, but sometimes, need some extra help.  Okay, I am projecting, but at least she isn’t grossed out by the idea anymore.

 So what was my experience like?  It was pretty awesome.  There are different machines, different methods, and I have just tried the Gravity Method as suggested by Kimberly Snyder in her book, The Beauty Detox Solution.  You lay on a type of horizontal toilet like machine, running water, a small straw size tube inserted into anus (its really nothing), and that pretty much it.  Water goes in, junk comes out.  You control the water intake yourself using your own muscles, and then release the water and contents in the machine, which gently flushes away.  If you want, you can peek and see what is coming out.  I sure did!!!  Take about 45 minutes to an hour.  I listened to NPR and felt oh so well rounded.  Afterwards, you put your bottom closes back on after a quick rinse.  Then you are given a probiotic and that’s it!!  Keep hydrated of course, and follow the instructions on eating light but healthy afterward.  Not a problem, its what you will WANT to do!!

 TMI Colinics, ( http://www.tmicolonics.com/) where I went, was really cozy, Marianne was very charming and sweet, and it was just a very pleasant experience.  Sure, there may be a few discomforts for some, depending on general fitness, how “impacted” you might be, etc.  My mother got a wee bit nauseous, but that was because her nose was all stopped up.  My daughter had a procedure that was a bit different, more of an easy vacuum machine, and the technician stayed with her the whole time, but the after effects were all the same.  A feeling of lightness, purity, and well being. 

 So think about it!!