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A blog about living a lithe life!!  

7 Minute Exercise Routine

Another exciting racoon encounter!!

Anyone interested in a good urban tracking dog- keegan can find any squirrel, cat, skunk, raccoon, police horse, goose, gopher, coyote in a city setting. And he is fast and determined, as the fresh cut on my leg will prove So anyone, anyone? Really? No takers? Sigh, guess I need to get better at tracking […]

Wanta Hear About My Colonic? Part 2

Want To Hear About My Colonic? Part 2  I was talking to a friend who was totally grossed out by the idea of having a colonic.  I asked her if she used a toilet, if she pooped daily, if she wiped her bottom.  Hmmm, she pondered, maybe I should think about it.  Yes!!! Another person […]

Colonic, anyone?

Ever had a colonic?  That was my mantra the other day for all my friends.  It was my opening gambit to see how into health they were and how much they were in tune with their bodies. Since turning 50, I have gotten reconnected with my self- my flesh, my bones, my organs, my soul […]

Great day at Ocean Beach in San Francisco